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Mayor Sheila Dixon
Baltimore, MD / Pop. 640,961 / Elected 2007

“We have wars here in our city. We should be making strides against drugs and gang violence, but it's something I never hear the presidential candidates talk about.”

— Mayor Sheila Dixon

Nicole on 12.14.07:

What a ridiculous and useless non-interview with Sheila Dixon! Why would anyone want to get updates from you when you are so irrelevant? Sheila Dixon is not progressive. It's not about what they say, it's about what they do. She's done nothing to move Baltimore forward in 21 years. She was elected because she is a puppet of the governor and the corrupt financial power moguls that control politicians like her that have no integrity. You failed to mention her numerous ethics challenges as well. Why not paint a true picture of the people you promote as progressive. Look at the plight of the majority population and neighborhoods in Baltimore City? It certainly doesn't look like a city with any true true progressive leadership.

Tate Hausman on 12.14.07:

Respectfully, Nicole, I think you've missed the point of the interview.

MayorTV is an opportunity for Mayors to speak about federal urban policy, especially in the context of the presidential campaigns. It's not about the mayors themselves, or how "progressive" they are. It's about what the Mayors think the next president should do to help cities - where 80% of Americans live - to better grapple with the tough challenges that cities face.

Mayors have unique ability to speak to those challenges ... no matter what kind of political labels people impose on them.

tim mahon on 03.23.08:

I would just like to request a sit down appointment with mayor dixon,knowing that the mayor is totally swamped, so are the rest of the working baltimorians,My concern is that i believe i am now qualifield to have some in-put in balts.decline in rental housing market, as well as first time home buyers.I come today in hopes to sit with some one in charge,LIKE MAYOR DIXON -- PLEASE READ ON, I am 44yrs. old i did 20 years in the states maxium sec.penal system I took part in the first design of the scared strait program in jessup in 1985,I am a felon however i have over came this and now i provide lending for two different morgage comp. i own two bussinesses in west balt. and i provide first time home buying only My request is that i have designed a system that will provide first time home buying at 100% finacing to the state employees regaurdless of low credit score..) TRUST ME !!! - Bring me in for a meeting right now i have a investor network of over 100 investors out of the dc. area with investment properties in balt...IN SHORT the balt. market dropped so much that all the fully rehabbed properties of these investors are up for owner occ.-- THOUGHT FOR THE DAY --- ALL RENTERS PAYING 750.00 DOLLARS PER MOUNTH CAN NOW OWN FOR THE SAME AMOUNT -- BUT A NEW REHABBED HOME SWEET,, NOW IF THESE INVESTORS ARE SELLING THESE HOMES THEN THEY ARE GOING TO NEED MORE HOUSE PROJECTS.(REHABS) THIS IS WHERE BALTIMORIANS CAN OWN THERE OWN PROPERTY WITH A 30 YEAR FIXED RATE OF 6% -- I HAVE 150 COMPLETED READY TO BE SOLD BALT. PROPERTIES EVERYONE IS BEING SOLD WITH OVER 30K. IN EQUALLTY--- BUT THIS EQUALTY WILL NOT BE ACCURATE UNTIL SPRING BACK WITH GOV.. IT MUST START WITH IN ---- I HAVE TIME TO COME TO MAYORS OFFICE ANYTIME PLEASE CALL TIM MAHON 410-830-0467 ( ) wk.410-363-6663 thanks i can provide change i have done so!!!!!! tim mahon

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